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Apple Watch rumor hints it’s time for 3D printing to go mainstream

July 19, 2023

Via: Computerworld

An interesting thing may be happening inside Apple Watch Ultra; it seems the company plans to poke its toes into the industrial 3D printing of components used inside the device. The claim at this point remains speculative and comes from […]

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Apple’s cutting-edge Vision Pro doesn’t need iPhone sales to succeed

July 10, 2023

Via: Computerworld

Let’s get something out of the way right at the beginning: We already know Apple’s Vision Pro device consists of a bundle of bleeding-edge technologies competitors can’t easily emulate. How do we know this? Because supply chain reports claim the […]

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Are Apple’s upcoming AR glasses already obsolete?

May 3, 2023

Via: ComputerWorld

The future of augmented reality (AR) glasses is clear. At least it used to be. Then OpenAI happened. Specifically, the focus of AR has been following the Microsoft Hololens/Magic Leap idea, where billions are spent on the R&D goal of […]


Top 4 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

January 17, 2023

Via: Isabella Carter

People’s lives now heavily rely on mobile apps, and the demand for them won’t be diminishing anytime soon. Digital products are no longer just a pastime and are now widely used in various industries to optimize processes, improve performance, and […]

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Watch the Apple RoomPlan API empty a room of furniture, ready for augmented reality shopping

July 15, 2022

Via: 9to5Mac

Augmented reality shopping is about to level up, thanks to a new capability introduced in iOS 16. The new Apple RoomPlan API uses the LiDAR scanner in recent iPhone Pro models to create a 3D room plan – and an […]

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Apple AR headset to launch by 2022, with sleeker AR glasses to follow in 2023

November 11, 2019

Via: BGR

A series of recent reports claimed that Apple plans to unveil a brand new product next year, augmented reality glasses that would work in tandem with the iPhone. We’ve been calling the device Apple Glasses for lack of a better […]

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Expect more augmented reality content in your Facebook apps

December 13, 2017

Via: Boy Genius

Augmented and virtual reality are the future of computing, whether we’re talking about smartphones or traditional PCs. Apple, Google, Microsoft, and many other tech companies have already launched AR and/or VR products, including hardware that can support these new experiences […]

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This augmented reality app will help you to furnish your home

March 27, 2017

Via: Networkworld Cloud Computing

Will that new couch fit in my living room? How about that table, is it too big for the space? In the old days you would have to break out a tape measure to see if furniture fits or just […]

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What Businesses Need to Know About Augmented Reality

December 8, 2016

Via: TOMs IT Pro

Wrapping your arms around technology that’s truly revolutionary is no easy task. Tech industry analysts and researchers at ABI Research say augmented reality (AR) is truly the technology of the future. It’s expected to reach a total market worth of […]

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Augmented Reality: Security Concerns And Barriers To Growth

November 15, 2016


Augmented reality (AR) isn’t just for Pokémon Go players (yes, they still exist) and fodder for near-future existential dread by way of Black Mirror. It’s projected to be the future of marketing and commerce. Where the IoT proliferates, AR will […]


Apple just dropped a big clue about its first AR project

November 9, 2016

Via: Boy Genius

Niantic’s Pokemon Go mobile game is the easiest augmented reality experience that you can try to understand what the whole AR fuss is about. You basically have a digital layer that’s projected on top of your surroundings, as seen through […]

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Augmented Reality Gets Boost From Success of ‘Pokémon Go’

July 14, 2016

Via: WSJ mobile

The sudden success of “Pokémon Go” is introducing consumers to augmented reality, a technology that blends the digital and physical worlds where many in Silicon Valley are placing big bets. Augmented reality displays digital images on a view of the […]


Hololens Round Two: Augmented Reality At Build 2016

April 1, 2016

Via: Anandtech

Last year at BUILD I got my first chance to try Hololens. That experience was very interesting, not only because of the potential of Augmented Reality, but because of the entire circus surrounding the device. Last year’s Hololens sessions were […]