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Samsung Gear S3 battery drain problems return, fix “coming soon”

October 18, 2018

Via: Phone Arena

The Samsung Gear S3 is a great smartwatch. Or at least it was when it launched. When we first got our hands on the Samsung Gear S3 in 2016, we were delighted by the device’s multi-day battery life. Unfortunately, however, […]

Operating System, Windows

Microsoft releases fix for botched Office 2016 patch, KB 4011093

August 23, 2017

Via: Computerworld

Late last night, Microsoft released a new Office 2016 patch, KB 4011093. According to the KB article, it fixes a bug in the Aug. 1 Office 2016 non-security patch KB 4011051, which left hyperlinks in Excel 2016 non-functional. It also […]


Got an iPhone 7 with a broken Home Button? Apple relents with instant virtual one

October 17, 2016

Via: Pocket Now

Got an iPhone? Got a broken home button? Yeah, we figured that would pop up as an issue at some point. And it’s one annoying issue that also plagues the iPhone 7’s Home Button. Yes, even with that little capcitive, […]

Android, News and Press

Latest Priv update brings a newer Linux kernel to strengthen security

March 24, 2016

Via: CrackBerry

An update is now available for those with the BlackBerry Priv, and this update also focuses on security. We’ve seen monthly security patches since the phone’s release, but this is a bit different. A recent discovery showed that the Android […]

iPhone, News and Press

There’s now a fix for that time-traveling iPhone bug

February 25, 2016

Via: Tech Radar

Remember the bug that turned your iPhone into a brick if you tried setting your handset’s date back to May 1970 or earlier? After taking about a week to acknowledge the bug, Apple finally has a fix coming down the […]

Laptops, Tablets

Surface Pro 4, Surface Book Battery Bug Will Be Fixed Soon: Microsoft

February 1, 2016

Via: NDTV-Tech

Microsoft is reassuring users that it hasn’t forgotten about the improper sleep and battery drainage issues that are crippling – what otherwise are two great computing devices – the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book. The Redmond, Washington-based company […]


Google’s new OnHub router vows to make all your Wi-Fi headaches disappear

August 19, 2015

Via: Brad Reed

Wi-Fi in your home probably isn’t as good as you want it to be. In fact, there are probably plenty of times when you have to reset your modem and/or router just to get it working again… and even then […]

App security

Adobe to patch second Hacking Team Flash zero-day bug

July 12, 2015

Via: itCurated

Adobe next week will patch a second zero-day vulnerability found in the leaked documents from the Hacking Team, a controversial Italian company that sells surveillance software and exploits to governments, Adobe said late Friday. The flaw will be patched this […]