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Is Apple using “slower” flash storage on the iPhone 7? Probably not…

October 10, 2016

Via: Pocket Now

A recently story popped up from our pals at GSMArena regarding the performance differences between various models of iPhones. Comparing the base model 32GB iPhone 7 against the 128GB iPhone 7 and the 64GB iPhone 6S, they found the base […]


Microsoft to change how Windows 10’s Edge browser handles Flash content

April 8, 2016

Via: ZDnet

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary update — the upcoming update to Windows 10 also known as Redstone 1 — will include some Edge browser changes beyond the addition of Extensions. One of the biggest and potentially quite welcome changes will be […]


TarDisk Pear increases your MacBook’s storage in one-click with an SD card fusion drive

December 11, 2015

Via: 9to5Mac

Adding extra storage to a MacBook using an SD card is easy, but it works like a thumb drive or external hard drive and not like your permanent, built-in storage. That means you’ll have to manually manage the storage, dragging […]

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Adobe to patch second Hacking Team Flash zero-day bug

July 12, 2015

Via: itCurated

Adobe next week will patch a second zero-day vulnerability found in the leaked documents from the Hacking Team, a controversial Italian company that sells surveillance software and exploits to governments, Adobe said late Friday. The flaw will be patched this […]