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5 ambient sound apps to relax or focus with (Android and iOS)

December 14, 2015

Via: Phone Arena

The apps we’ve picked are designed specifically to help you relax – to clear your mind, to take you to a happier place. They’re also ideal for those times when you need to concentrate on your work or studies. In […]

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Unsurprisingly, Dropbox to shutter Mailbox and Carousel, focus on businesses

December 8, 2015

Via: Gigaom

Dropbox has abandoned its efforts to take over your smartphone. The company announced today that it will shutter two applications, Mailbox and Carousel, in 2016 as a result of its new focus on helping workers collaborate with each other. But […]

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5 phone camera autofocus technologies: from lasers to phase detection

March 13, 2015

Via: itCurated

Phase detection auto focus, lasers, infrared, focus pixels – a smorgasbord of smartphone camera focusing technologies has appeared lately, and each one promises to be faster and better than the others. Samsung kicked it off with the PDAF tech in […]