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Google is giving developers access to the mysterious operating system that might replace Android

December 9, 2020

Via: BGR

We’ve been talking about Fuchsia for a few years now, but Google confirmed the existence of this mysterious operating system only in 2019, without actually confirming any of the rumors related to it. The gist of Fuchsia is that it’ll […]

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More proof that Google is serious about replacing Android with something better

November 28, 2018

Via: Boy Genius

Yes, Android Q is already in the works at Google, but the company is also developing the operating system that’s supposed to replace Android at some point this year. Called Fuchsia, although that may not be its final name when […]


Google’s new Fuchsia OS may take over the IoT

August 17, 2016

Via: Networkworld Cloud Computing

With Google apparently working to develop a new operating system, speculation is centered on whether the company is looking to play a big role in running the Internet of Things (IoT). “The important thing is that this could be Google’s […]