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Editorial, Gadgets

Did the VR bubble just burst in Facebook’s face?

February 23, 2017

Via: James Hughes

In February 2017 Facebook lost $500m in the US lawsuit over the Oculus VR headset. Although the Oculus side announced it would appeal the court order, the outcome marks an important setback for Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook CEO held a […]

News and Press

Unicorns Stir Into October’s End

November 3, 2016


In the latest acquisition in the business travel space, Deem, based in California, has said it will buy Olset for the latter’s focus on hotel reservation bookings. Olset uses technology to track and then recommend hotels based on travelers’ preferences. Nutanix, among the biggest tech unicorns to […]

Editorial, Tech

Carbon3D – a hot startup

September 1, 2015

Via: IT Curated

We have already presented 3D printing and some of its future possibilities – here. This time the novelty resides in the procedure used for printing and the funding involved –  making Carbon3D a very interesting topic. This surprising startup has […]

App Review

Flipagram raises $70 million to beat Snapchat and Instagram by harnessing the power of music

July 16, 2015

Via: Nathan McAlone

Flipagram wants to be the first mobile “storytelling” app to harness the power of music, and it made two huge strides toward that goal today by raising an additional $70 million in funding and inking a series of global licensing […]

App Review

8 apps every food lover needs

June 30, 2015

Via: Alex Heath

The market for food apps is exploding. Every day it seems like there’s another mobile app that can deliver your next meal or get your groceries. And with meal-delivery apps like Blue Apron raising millions of dollars in funding, expect […]