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iPhone XR vs. Galaxy S10E: Which phone has the best camera

May 29, 2019


The iPhone XR and Galaxy S10E are wonderful phones that, for the most part, have all the same features and elegance of the iPhone XS and Galaxy S10, respectively. Fortunately for consumers, one thing these phones don’t share with their […]

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Galaxy S10: 10 tips and tricks for Samsung’s latest smartphone

March 8, 2019


After unboxing your shiny new Galaxy S10 and setting it up, there’s a whole lot to learn about the device. For starters, they all come with Android Pie out of the box. The latest mobile OS from Google has some […]


Samsung Galaxy S10: What to Expect

February 21, 2019

Via: William Palmer

Every year, new technology emerges. This year is no different, with Samsung promising a new era of cutting-edge mobile devices. It’s not too long before they release it to the public (8th of March), so let’s take a quick look […]

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Samsung just leaked even more details about its Galaxy S10 lineup

February 13, 2019

Via: Boy Genius

In exactly a week, Samsung will formally announce the Galaxy S10 phones, but we obviously already know almost everything about these devices, especially following this week’s monster leaks. Not only did we see more press renders showing the upcoming phones, […]