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iPhone 14 Pro battery life leaves Android flagships in the dust

October 19, 2022

Via: BGR

iPhone owners over the years have made it clear that, on the whole, they’d much rather have a slightly thicker device if it results in longer battery life. And Apple, to its credit, has delivered in this respect. iPhone battery […]

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Samsung is already mocking iPhone 14’s lack of ‘innovation’ in ad trolling Apple

September 1, 2022

Via: 9to5Mac

Apple will officially announce the iPhone 14 next week, but there won’t be any innovation or new features. At least, that’s what Samsung wants you to believe in its new ad for the Galaxy S22 Ultra and ZFlip4: “This innovation […]

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Galaxy S22 Ultra: Should You Upgrade? See How Older Samsungs Compare

April 4, 2022


The Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of Samsung’s most expensive phones, and for good reason. It comes with a top-notch camera system, a gigantic screen and a stylus you can store inside the phone. But its hefty price can also […]

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs OnePlus 10 Pro

February 17, 2022

Via: Phone Arena

The Galaxy S22 Ultra or the OnePlus 10 Pro? If you want the best of Android in 2022, these two phones should be on the top of your list, but how are they different and which one should you go […]

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Official Samsung 45W charger meant to pair with the Galaxy S22 Ultra leaks

January 5, 2022

Via: Phone Arena

Charging speeds have been getting faster and faster thanks to new technology, especially, when it comes to some phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Vivo. However, the more popular companies like Apple and Samsung are taking their time with implementing […]

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Galaxy S22 Ultra colors might have leaked

December 30, 2021

Via: BGR

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S22 series in mid-February, according to the most recent leaks. Chip shortages seem to have impacted Samsung’s launch plans, as the Galaxy S22 series will launch about a month earlier than the Galaxy S21. But […]

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Unlike the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Fold 4 not expected to feature S Pen slot

November 19, 2021

Via: Phone Arena

With leaks from most reliable sources claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will flaunt a Galaxy Note-like design and built-in stylus, it’s safe to assume that Note phones are not coming back. The successor to the Galaxy Z Fold […]

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Note 20 Ultra, our S Pen-ed hopes

November 16, 2021

Via: Phone Arena

This year must have brought tears in many a Note 10 owners’ eyes, as for the first time in a decade Samsung didn’t release a new Note model to upgrade to, and even deprecated the model line altogether. Granted, those […]

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Galaxy S22 Ultra camera may help Samsung prove to Apple and Google that hardware is king

November 3, 2021

Via: Phone Arena

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will make better use of the 108MP camera that debuted on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The first iteration which was technically known as the ISOCELL HM1, although impressive, didn’t make that much of a mark. […]

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may come in green

October 25, 2021

Via: Phone Arena

Rumors are continuing to grow around the upcoming arrival of Samsung’s newest flagship series, the Galaxy S22 lineup. And the latest leak comes from Dutch website Galaxy Club, which claims it can confirm a surprising new S22 color in store […]

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Galaxy S22 Ultra may offer virtually the same camera specs as predecessor

August 20, 2021

Via: Phone Arena

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have largely the same camera specs as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, suggests a new report from Galaxy Club. The Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is one of the best camera smartphones around, is equipped with […]