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Twitter takes its algorithm ‘open-source,’ as Elon Musk promised

March 31, 2023

Via: The Verge

Twitter has released the code that chooses which tweets show up on your timeline to GitHub and has put out a blog post explaining the decision. It breaks down what the algorithm looks at when determining which tweets to feature […]

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Apple working on a fix for Safari bug that leaks browsing history and Google ID

January 18, 2022

Via: 9to5Mac

Earlier this week, FingerprintJS revealed a serious bug in Apple’s Safari web browser that lets anyone extract a user’s browsing history and even Google User IDs. As expected, Apple is now working on a fix for this bug, which is […]

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Google, Microsoft, Mozilla Want A Faster Web

June 22, 2015

Via: Larry Loeb

Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla confirmed last week that they are working on a project called WebAssembly. This standards initiative can be found as a W3C project and on Github. Basically, WebAssembly aims to serve compiled executable binary code instead of […]