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This classic Android app is tapping into the ghost of Google Now

February 28, 2024

Via: Computerworld

Ever have one of those moments where you see some new tech twist — an app, a feature, an idea of some sort — and you just stop in your tracks and think: “Whoa. Now, that’s clever”? I won’t lie: […]

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The Pixel-exclusive rebirth of a beloved Android feature

December 1, 2021

Via: ComputerWorld

Friends, rabbits, internet-persons, lend me your ears (bunny-shaped or otherwise). Today, we need to take a titillating trip back in time — ’cause a pivotal part of our Android-flavored past is about to poke its way into the present. So […]


Apple’s iOS 9 rumored to come with integrated Google Now competitor and augmented reality feature

May 28, 2015

Via: itCurated

According to a source with a very good track record when it comes to breaking news about upcoming Apple products, the Cupertino-based tech giant is currently working on a Google Now competitor. Apple is said to integrate this Google Now […]


Android developers will soon be allowed to build Google Now access into their apps

March 16, 2015

Via: itCurated

A big change is coming to Google Now. Aparna Chennapragada, Director of Product Management for Google Now, revealed at SXSW on Sunday that an open API will be available soon that all developers can build into their apps. This will […]