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What do you think of the new Facebook Marketplace?

October 13, 2016

Via: James Hughes

Many of Facebook’s users are in groups that intermediate buying and selling. More precisely, over 450 million people visit such groups each month. They range “from families in a local neighborhood to collectors around the world”, according to Mary Ku, […]

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Microsoft appears to be building a business app marketplace

July 1, 2016

Via: Networkworld Cloud Computing

Microsoft appears to be building a business app store. The company put online a test version of a service called AppSource that’s designed to help businesses find software that augments the Microsoft products they already use, such as Power BI […]

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Vulnerability in Huge Dark Web Marketplace Exposes Private Messages

April 27, 2016

Via: Motherboard

AlphaBay, possibly the largest dark web marketplace at the moment, is also the most innovative. Last year, its administrators launched a fully automatic credit card shop, and offered contracts for just about anything. More recently, the market has enforced two-factor […]

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Are Blackberry Devices A Thing Of The Past?

February 11, 2016

Via: Pymnts

To say things have looked good for BlackBerry at any point in the last 8 or 9 years is probably putting too fine a point on it. In recent years, most of the commentary the firm has drawn has centered […]