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Meizu CEO says port-less phone was a publicity stunt

March 6, 2019

Via: The Verge

In a surprisingly candid post on the company’s official forums, Meizu’s CEO Jack Wong has admitted that a recent crowdfunding campaign for the Meizu Zero, the “World’s First Holeless Phone,” was little more than a publicity stunt (via Engadget). “This […]

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Meizu partners with Google for Android Go smartphones

April 26, 2018

Via: Tech Radar

The Android Go platform gets another push forward with Meizu, a Chinese smartphone brand, entering a partnership with Google. Ard Bouldeing, the Head of Global Marketing for Meizu, announced that the company will be putting out affordable Android Go devices […]

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Meizu Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus both feature secondary rear display

July 27, 2017

Via: Phone Dog

We’ve seen a few Android phones with secondary displays launch recently, and today another such device has debuted. The difference between those other phones and this new one, though, is that the new handset has its secondary display on its back. Meizu today revealed the […]

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Meizu Announces New PRO 6

April 14, 2016

Via: Anandtech

Today Meizu launches the new PRO 6. The company had launched the PRO 5 only last September so this is a significant change in the release-schedule of the PRO series as we see the new unit come a mere 7 […]

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Meizu Launches the m3 note

April 8, 2016

Via: Anandtech

With every year, we tend to see quite a few launches happen in the first two quarters as the cycles in supply chains align for mass production to start around this time. We’ve already seen a number of new products […]


Meizu Announces The MX5

June 30, 2015

Via: itCurated

Today at Meizu’s event in China the company presented their new flagship phone, the MX5. The MX5 is the successor to the MX4 released last year, and while I haven’t been able to review that unit yet, I did take […]