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Operating System, Windows

Microsoft: More widgets are arriving for Windows 11

January 27, 2023

Via: ZDnet

Meta’s Messenger app is the first third-party widget to be available in the Windows 11 widget board — but the support for third-party widgets is only for users running the latest Windows 11 preview. The widget system was one of […]

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Facebook won’t explain why it’s ruining WhatsApp privacy

January 18, 2021

Via: BGR

Facebook’s plan to force WhatsApp users to agree to share user data with Facebook starting February 8th backfired. Millions of people have downloaded competing services, Signal and Telegram, in preparation for the change. WhatsApp is still the undisputed instant messaging […]

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Facebook made a Messenger app that’s just for kids

December 4, 2017

Via: Boy Genius

Facebook is about to launch a standalone Messenger application just for kids. It’s the messaging application some parents have undoubtedly been waiting years to see. Messenger Kids comes with built-in parental controls, which means parents will be able to decide […]

App security, Applications

Here’s The Most Popular Chat App For Cybercriminals

April 20, 2017

Via: Pymnts

The most popular communication tool for fraudsters, cybercriminals and other digital crooks probably isn’t what you’d think. While the thought of cybercriminals talking shady dealings might conjure up imagery of a digital back-alley chat in the depths of the dark […]