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Is Mobile-Optimization a Must for Modern Websites?

March 29, 2021

Via: Rachel Oldford

In short, yes. In the long, keep reading this article to discover the reasons why you should have a mobile-centric website approach and what are the key ways to make your website more mobile-friendly. “The mobile device has become our […]


2020 Is Mobile! Here’s How to Adjust Your Strategy & Leverage the Benefits

May 18, 2020

Via: Scarlett Mars

Tips & Tricks on How to Tap into the Power of Mobile Devices to Increase Sales and Improve Engagement There’s not much of your daily internet activity that cannot be handled by smartphones. And there’s a high chance that you […]

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Tired of popups? Google to the rescue (quick reminder)

February 2, 2017

Via: James Hughes

Floating panels are customary nowadays. Most of the webpages feature interstitials or popup ads. Right after accessing the landing page, such design elements stay between the reader and the content. Granted, they cannot go unnoticed, unlike older ad placements. Nevertheless, […]

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Mobile is now mission critical for e-business

November 2, 2016

Via: Computerworld

Web traffic from smartphones will make up 43% of all web traffic next year and will reach 52% globally in 2019, according to research firm Forrester. The implications of such mobile web growth are profound, especially for e-businesses trying to […]