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iPhone users complain iOS 16 is a battery drain, has other issues

September 29, 2022

Via: ComputerWorld

Two weeks after Apple launched iOS 16, users continue to complain the mobile OS is sucking their battery power far too quickly. Battery life tends to take an initial hit when new OSes are rolled out because updates to software […]

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Google Pixel 6 event: where to watch the live stream and what to expect

October 6, 2021

Via: Phone Arena

Google already has a Pixel 6 live stream channel up and running for the official Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro launch announcement event on October 19. The new 2021 Pixel 6 phones are, however, already unveiled or, should we […]

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Huawei takes Verizon to court for alleged patent infringement

February 6, 2020

Via: ZDnet

Huawei has launched court action against Verizon alleging that the US telecommunications giant infringed on its intellectual property rights. The Chinese company filed the lawsuit against Verizon in the United States District Courts for the Eastern and Western Districts of […]

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Remember when Huawei said its Android replacement isn’t for smartphones? Well, it is

August 5, 2019

Via: BGR

After insisting for months that the company preferred to continue relying on Google’s Android mobile operating system in its handsets, despite a lingering US ban that precludes Google from allowing that to happen, Huawei appears to have finally succumbed to […]

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WWDC: iOS 12 — An enterprise perspective

June 7, 2018

Via: Computerworld

You could be forgiven for thinking Apple’s iOS 12 is all about fun consumer features, but when iPhones account for a healthy chunk of mobile enterprise deployments, you need to look a little deeper than that. Intel(ligence) inside The operating […]

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Mobile operating systems – do you know them all?

February 26, 2016

Via: James Hughes

It is common knowledge by now that mobile operating systems are designed for mobile devices, regardless of whether they are smartphones, tablets or other gadgets (although wearable operating systems are usually listed in a separate category). The basic features included […]


Google tipped to combine Chrome OS and Android

October 30, 2015

Via: Alex Wagner

Google has been maintaining Chrome OS and Android separately for a while now, with the former being used on desktop and laptop computers and the latter powering phones and tablets. Soon, though, Chrome OS and Android may become one. A […]


Windows 10 Mobile Coming In November; Find Out Which Lumia Handsets Will Receive It First

July 31, 2015

Via: itCurated

On Wednesday, Microsoft rolled out the Windows 10 operating system for desktop and laptop users. Now, Microsoft is expected to roll out the Windows 10 Mobile OS for smartphones and tablets in the near future. A Microsoft executive in South […]


Top Windows Phone news of the week: App for switching, one-handed operation, new build images

June 28, 2015

Via: itCurated

Windows 10 Mobile is looking nice based on screenshots of build 10149 that leaked this week. The Edge browser is shown, demonstrating new functionality of the address bar. The images show lots of minor changes in appearance and features added […]