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Meet your new streaming TV bundlers: Apple, Amazon, Roku, and Google

October 21, 2016

Via: TechHive

Aside from lower bills and greater flexibility, one of the many benefits of ditching cable TV is that you’re less dependent on an industry with historically awful customer relationships. The less one has to interact with Comcast or Charter or […]


TCL Roku TV review (model 50UP130): A good picture, and a fantastic user interface

May 18, 2016

Via: TechHive

With most TVs, you get the feeling that the on-screen interface used for set-up, tweaking, and browsing the apps and features was cobbled together by part-timers with only the vaguest sense of, well, what makes sense. With TCL’s P-series Roku […]

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LinkedIn expands to Roku with new learning channel

December 10, 2015

Via: Gigaom

LinkedIn is expanding its platform to Roku devices, and in doing so it might prove streaming video services can be more than mindless entertainment. First some background. LinkedIn spent $1.5 billion to buy in April. The platform boasts more than […]