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For Apple users, tips on improving Wi-Fi performance

June 30, 2023

Via: Computerworld

In-person, or remote, in borrowed offices, meeting places, or hot hubs, one of the most frequent complaints is usually: “Why isn’t my Wi-Fi working?” That question is usually followed by a dash to move the router around, check for network […]

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Best wireless router

April 19, 2017

Via: TechHive

A good wireless router is an essential element of tech life, whether you’re building out a smart home or you just want the best experience streaming music and video at home. Even those of us fortunate enough to have ethernet […]

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Telstra launches new outage-friendly Gateway Frontier router

February 14, 2017

Via: Tech Radar

Telstra announced plans to release a hybrid 4G home modem router that’d include an integrated 4G SIM and a fixed-line connection last year in August, to be launched early in 2017. True to its word, the Aussie telco has actually […]

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Power to the Wi-Fi: an energizing breakthrough with PoWiFi

January 19, 2016

Via: James Hughes

The Power over Wi-Fi (PoWiFi) tech system won the 2015 title for one of the most game-changing technologies of the year. Developed by the University of Washington researchers and previously announced by Popsci in June 2015, this concept harnessed the […]


Google’s OnHub turns out to be part router, part Chromium OS computer

October 13, 2015

Via: itCurated

While Google cheerily advertises the 13 antennas packed into its new OnHub router, the company’s been less forthcoming about the software under the hood. Now that some hackers have rooted the high-tech Wi-Fi router, we have some clarity: OnHub appears […]


Google’s new OnHub router vows to make all your Wi-Fi headaches disappear

August 19, 2015

Via: Brad Reed

Wi-Fi in your home probably isn’t as good as you want it to be. In fact, there are probably plenty of times when you have to reset your modem and/or router just to get it working again… and even then […]