Once again, rumors call for 2017 iPhone users to shell out cash for wireless charging accessories

August 21, 2017

Rumors that the tenth anniversary iPhone, currently known as the Apple iPhone 8, will feature wireless charging have been around for some time. Actually, all three rumored 2017 iPhone models could be the first iOS powered handsets to offer this feature. So-called Apple expert John Gruber sent out a tweet last July indicating that the charging pads for the Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 7s and Apple iPhone 7s Plus will be sold separately.

The CEO of contract assembler Wriston, Robert Hwang, said earlier this year that wireless charging on the iPhone requires the new models to undergo different kinds of testing. It also requires Apple to use a glass back on the new phones instead of a metal one, because the latter can block the necessary magnetic signals that are required when using a wireless charger

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