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Facebook is down? Welcome to Apple’s invisible social media platform – no Android users allowed

October 12, 2021

This story is about Apple and social media. Firstly, we’ll take a look at Apple as a social media user, and then as a stakeholder. Also, there’s a twist! I’ll also tell you about Apple’s “invisible social media platform”, which you’re a part of. But let’s start by saying that Apple, as a social media user, doesn’t necessarily love the medium.

  • Apple loves taking shots at Facebook by bringing up privacy concerns and “fixing” the platform for Apple users – most recently with App Tracking Transparency
  • Apple isn’t really active on social media, save for their Instagram page for sharing pictures taken on iPhone, or their Twitter sub-pages like Apple News, or Apple Support
  • Apple doesn’t directly utilize social media for advertising, or marketing campaigns unless it’s via paid promotion

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