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Update for Google Messages rolls out now turning iMessage reactions into emoji

November 22, 2021

It’s the modern, digital version of the Hatfields and McCoys. We are talking about the blue text bubble vs. the green text bubble. When an Apple iPhone user is sending iMessages to another iPhone user, the text is inside a blue “balloon.” But if even just one Android user joins a group chat, the bubbles turn green and outrage follows. Yes, iMessages and Google Messages are not compatible.

Google Messages update allowing iPhone reactions to appear as emoji has started rolling out

Just a few days ago we told you that Google was planning on sending out an update to Google Messages that will allow reactions from iPhone users using iMessages to appear as an emoji on Android Messages. Currently, a reaction sent by an iPhone user appears as words on Google Messages such as “Liked an image” or “Emphasized “We’re on our way”.

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