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Apple Watch sees LG beat Samsung to become #1 smartwatch display maker

July 10, 2018

Via: 9to5Mac

Market research firm IHS Markit says that LG became the world’s largest supplier of OLED smartwatch displays thanks to its lead over Samsung in Apple Watch orders …

Business Korea has the numbers.

LG Display supplied a total of 10.64 million AMOLED smartwatch display panels last year with a market share of 41.4%. It was followed by Samsung Display (8.95 million, 34.8%), Everdisplay Optronics (4.17 million, 16.2%), AUO (1.47 million, 5.7%) and BOE (380,000, 1.5%).

Although Samsung makes its own range of smartwatches, they don’t come anywhere close to Apple Watch sales, and LG is the Cupertino company’s lead supplier.

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