image credit: Piqsels

It’s not you, it’s the cold: T-Mobile and AT&T are down in Texas and other parts of the country

February 17, 2021

UPDATE #2, February 17: With no end in sight for the “winter storm conditions” observed in “different regions across the US”, all that T-Mobile can promise is to “keep a close eye on the situation” and “continue to work around the clock on restoration efforts.”

Unfortunately, that means a number of sites remain down, most of which are located in Dallas, Houston, and Austin, although several other sites have been restored over the last 36 hours. In other words, your access to normal wireless operations right now in Texas depends a lot on your luck. Worse still, there’s another severe storm brewing, which may well have “widespread impacts across multiple states in the Mid-South.” And they said 2020 was bad.

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