image credit: Unsplash

Apple Watch Series 7 specs leaked, ’cause Apple wouldn’t make them public at the announcement

September 17, 2021


Apple doesn’t usually share specifications of its smartwatches, and it didn’t reveal too much information at the Apple Event that was held on September 14. Fortunately, an internal document was shared on Twitter that shows what chipset the Watch Series 7 is powered by and more.

The specification sheet was shared by Twitter user @alixrezax who gave us an exclusive look at what to expect to see in the Apple Watch Series 7 when it finally releases “later in Fall”. It’s unclear how alixrezax got hold of the internal document, but now that it’s out, we might as well take a peek.

The specifications of the Watch Series 7 is shown next to the older Series 6, Series 3, and SE smartwatches on the document.

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