image credit: Unsplash

Apple Watch’s planned handwashing reminder feature? I don’t trust it

June 30, 2020


When Apple rolled out its planned changes for iOS 14 and its companion WatchOS 7– both are expected to be available for download in mid-September – it included a variety of interesting tweaks. Two stood out as especially interesting: a COVID-friendly Watch handwashing app and an enterprise-IT-friendly facial recognition app for video cameras and doorbells.

The more straight-forward effort is positioned as a consumer feature, where video camera and doorbell apps within iOS will be able to identify visitors by name if they happen to appear within a user’s photo library. It sounds rather cool for a consumer app, but I’m not sure how valuable it is. My doorbell app, for example, instantly shows me live video of the person at the door, so I can have a realtime conversation with whoever is there.

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