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Eve Cam review: A security camera for Apple enthusiasts

July 30, 2020

Via: TechHive

Privacy concerns have dogged Wi-Fi security cameras since they were introduced. But despite warnings from advocates and experts—and at least one high-profile breach—the market shows no sign of slowing down. The adoption of Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video, on the other hand, just might indicate that the industry is taking users’ fears more seriously. That would include the Eufy Security EufyCam 2, the Logitech Circle View, and the Eve Cam, reviewed here.

HomeKit Secure Video performs all video analysis on the user’s local devices, as opposed to performing it on a possibly insecure server in the cloud. Post processing, the video captured by a HomeKit Secure Video-compatible security camera is first encrypted and then stored in the user’s Apple iCloud account.

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