image credit: LG전자 / Flickr

LG Velvet review: sleek, not smooth

June 26, 2020

Via: The Verge

Whatever the reason for this, it’s not working. LG is hanging onto its distant third place in the US, and it’s a non-entity in many other major markets.

And so now we have the Velvet, a phone that sees LG take completely the opposite approach to its typical idea of a flagship phone, abandoning the long-running G-series altogether. It’s an attempt for the company to be taken seriously as a design leader, as it was in the days of the iconic Chocolate slider in the mid aughts. (LG even managed to restrain itself from including “ThinQ” in the name.) The Velvet is a mid-range phone with mid-range pricing but unmistakably high-end fit and finish.

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