image credit: Freepik

Navitas’ Next GaN IC Powers vivo’s iQOO 9 Pro Smartphone

January 21, 2022

Navitas today officially announced that its next-generation GaNFast power IC drives the 120W ultra-fast charger supplied ‘in-box’ with vivo’s iQOO-brand flagship iQOO 9 Pro mobile phone. The 9 Pro’s powerful 4,700 mAhr battery charges from 0-100% in only 19 lightning-fast minutes, and at only 60.5 x 52.5 x28.8 mm (92 cc), the charger is 26% smaller than the previous generation, reaching a stunning 1.3 W/cc power density.

At a featherweight 135 g, the iQOO 120W GaNFast charger, is another milestone in the history of GaN charging, meaning it is similar in size and weight to regular 65W chargers. Super-high power, compact and portable, this charging product brings more charging convenience to consumers.

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