image credit: Unsplash

New display tech may double the battery life of your Galaxy, iPhone, or Nintendo Switch OLED

October 14, 2021

Display power consumption is currently the most important determinant of how long your phone or other device with an OLED screen last on a charge. With mobile chipsets going down to the current 5nm production process, their average power draw isn’t what determines battery life unless you are playing heavy 3D games for a prolonged period of time.

For everyday usage, your phone’s battery life mainly depends on one thing – the display – and the technology it is built with. Samsung’s top LTPO OLED displays that are now in the iPhone 13 Pro or Galaxy S21 models are made with the latest 6th-gen screen production process and have significantly lower power consumption than, say, the iPhone 13 LTPS panel, despite their high refresh rate abilities.

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