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Poll: iPhone 14 Pro pill plus hole-punch – love it or hate it?

January 12, 2022

Via: 9to5Mac

Two days ago, we asked our readers which rumored iPhone 14 Pro front camera design you preferred. Should a pill-shaped camera or a hole-punch design replace the iPhone notch? It turns out we may have been asking the wrong question…

The results of our poll on Monday were clear. Few prefer the notch, nearly 30% prefer the hole-punch design, and more than half of responses favored a pill-shaped camera. We never considered that the iPhone 14 Pro could use both the hole-punch design and the pill-shaped camera.

Analyst Ross Young dropped the knowledge today that this pairing is what we should expect. The reactions among 9to5Mac staffers has ranged from skipping the iPhone 14 Pro over this to actually digging the design.

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