image credit: Mike Mozart / Flickr

Samsung’s OLED displays outgrow phones to land in affordable Galaxy Book Pro 360 convertible

April 28, 2021


The long-rumored yet elusive cheap laptops with OLED displays are now a fact, and, surprise, surprise, Samsung is the culprit. You read that right, the new Samsung Galaxy Book Pro laptops and convertibles – Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro360 – have AMOLED display panels in all their variants, big and small.

So far, so good, we’ve seen OLED laptops before, and the Gigabyte AERO model with 4K OLED panel even won the Red Dot Design Award recently. The kicker with the new Galaxy Books, though, is that Samsung finally makes OLED laptops affordable. The aforementioned AERO is north of $2000, while the Galaxy Book Pro starts at just $999. What else is there?

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