image credit: Unsplash

The Pixel-exclusive rebirth of a beloved Android feature

December 1, 2021

Friends, rabbits, internet-persons, lend me your ears (bunny-shaped or otherwise). Today, we need to take a titillating trip back in time — ’cause a pivotal part of our Android-flavored past is about to poke its way into the present.

So rewind with me for a sec, won’t ya? The year was 2012 — the same exact numbers as our current moment on this earth, only with a flickety-flick of those final two digits. The Android version of the era was Android 4.1, better known as sweet, juicy Jelly Bean. Google’s Pixel phones didn’t yet exist; rather, the Samsung-made Galaxy Nexus served as the flagship of the platform that summer, while the LG-birthed Nexus 4 was on its way out of the virtual womb and into the world.

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