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With the Pixel 4 nearing release, Google just confirmed it can’t sell expensive phones

July 26, 2019

Via: BGR

We’ve seen it over and over with the Pixel series: Google can’t sell the flagship, at least not at that price. The original Pixel suffered from severe stock shortages. The Pixel 2 didn’t, but it still didn’t do as well in stores as expected. A year later, the Pixel 3 dropped a flagship phone that Google and its partners frequently discount. When the Pixel 4 launches this fall, it’s likely the handset will have a higher price tag that will keep it in line with the iPhone 11, Galaxy Note 10, and other 2019 flagships. No matter how exciting the Pixel 4 might be, Google just confirmed again to the world that it’s not successful at selling expensive smartphones as its main rivals.

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