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Android Pay launching in Canada today

June 2, 2017

Via: Phone Dog

Google teased earlier this month that Android Pay would be coming soon to Canada, and now it looks like the service is ready to launch. Android Pay is starting its rollout in Canada today, May 31st. Google will be adding […]

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Biometric Mobile Payments Set To Explode In 2017

May 9, 2017

Via: Pymnts

Mobile payments using biometrics to authenticate the user is forecasted to reach close to $2 billion in 2017, up from $600 million last year, according to new data from Juniper Research. According to a report covering the new research, driving the movement […]

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Samsung Pay launching widely in Thailand, Apple Pay beats PayPal in US retailer support

February 8, 2017

Via: Pocket Now

These are sure exciting times for the fast-growing mobile payment industry, with Android Pay headed to select smartwatches very soon, and both Samsung Pay and Apple Pay looking relentless in their quest for omnipresence across regions as diverse as Taiwan, […]

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Android Pay integrating with Visa Checkout and Masterpass for faster online payments

October 25, 2016

Via: Phone Dog

Android Pay users, you’ll soon have many more places to use Google’s mobile payment service online. Google is partnering with Visa and MasterCard to make paying for things online easier. With this partnership, you’ll be able to use Android Pay […]

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All three major mobile wallets have expanded their offerings

July 21, 2016

Via: Bussinessinsider

All three major phone-based mobile wallets announced expansions to their services this week. These upgrades all increase the wallets’ available audiences and make usage more convenient, which could help push up adoption. Android Pay added 19 financial institution partners. No […]


Verizon will give you 2GB of free data for using Android Pay

April 15, 2016

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Verizon is no stranger to offering free data promotions, and today it kicked off a similar promo aimed at Android users. Starting today, Verizon customers can get 2GB of data for free after using Android Pay to pay for goods […]

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Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay could lead to safer transactions

September 28, 2015

Via: Adam Doud

One thing that has always bugged me about credit card hacking is that they’re so avoidable. Apple Pay and Android Pay are taking great steps toward avoiding them with the use of tokenization. “What is tokenization?” you ask. Well, put […]


These are the HTC smartphones that will be compatible with Android Pay in the US

September 21, 2015

Via: itCurated

With Google’s revamped mobile payment platform ready to launch in a few weeks, HTC recently published a list of all the smartphones that will be compatible with Android Pay in the US. Aside from listing the devices that will offer […]