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iOS, Operating System

PSA: iOS 16 bug requires special Developer Mode to run TestFlight apps

June 7, 2022

Via: 9to5Mac

With iOS 16, Apple is making some changes to prevent attackers from sideloading malicious apps on the device – which includes de addition of a new Developer Mode. However, these changes caused a bug in the first beta of iOS […]

App security, Applications

Apple fixes multiple zero-day exploits with iOS 15.4.1 and macOS 12.3.1

March 31, 2022

Via: 9to5Mac

With the release of iOS 15.4.1 and macOS Monterey 12.3.1 on Thursday, Apple has fixed some bugs in its operating systems. However, in addition to bug fixes, the company also made security enhancements to iOS and macOS, which include patches […]

iOS, Operating System

T-Mobile says it has ‘not broadly blocked’ iCloud Private Relay, blames iOS 15.2 bug for errors

January 11, 2022

Via: 9to5Mac

T-Mobile has officially acknowledged a bug that has blocked some subscribers from using iCloud Private Relay when connected to cellular networking. In a statement to 9to5Mac, T-Mobile blamed this situation on a bug in iOS 15.2 and said that it […]

Android Phone, Products

Google Pixel 3 Series Update | Emergency Calling Bug Now Fixed

January 5, 2022

Via: Tech Times

Google Pixel 3 series released a surprise update that finally fixed a long-standing problem regarding its emergency calling bug–this fixes a long-running lineup that was initially released back in 2018. Google Published Its New Android Security Bulletin According to the […]

iOS, Operating System

Scary Apple HomeKit bug sends your iPhone into an infinite boot loop

January 4, 2022

Via: BGR

When Apple releases new updates for its operating systems, we often focus on the new features and functionality. As exciting as they can be, they often overshadow the vital bug fixes that Apple deploys alongside them. For example, in iOS […]

Operating System, Windows

AMD and Microsoft Fixes Bugs Causing Regression for Windows 11 Ryzen Users | Up to 15% Decrease in CPU Performance

October 22, 2021

Via: Tech Times

Both AMD and Microsoft are announcing that they will fix bugs that are causing problems for Ryzen users on the newer Windows 11. The reduction can be quite significant as it can result in a 15% decrease in CPU performance. […]

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Here’s why every little Apple issue gets blown out of proportion

October 15, 2021

Via: Phone Arena

Every phone maker can face a degree of backlash from the tech community at some point. For example, Xiaomi is known for putting ads in its apps, which understandably doesn’t please its users. And in late 2018 Google released an […]

App security, Applications

An iOS 15 bug could wipe your iPhone remotely, bounty hunter claims

October 14, 2021

Via: Phone Arena

Apple has been getting ready to release its most recent software update over the last while, namely iOS 15.1. The fourth and latest beta was released to developers yesterday (and to public testers today), and the official public launch is […]

Operating System, Windows

Microsoft fixes nasty Windows 10 bug – but you’re going to have to wait

March 1, 2021

Via: Tech Radar

A recently-found bug in Windows 10 has just been fixed by Microsoft, but at the moment it’s only available to people who signed up to the Windows Insider program. The bug itself is particularly nasty, so it’s good that Microsoft […]

App Review, Applications

Google apps on iOS telling you they’re outdated? Don’t worry, it’s a bug.

February 11, 2021

Via: Mashable

Google’s iOS apps have been sending ominous messages to users recently, telling them they’re out of date and that it’s risky to continue using them. These messages are the result of a bug, which has already been fixed, Google told […]

iOS, Operating System

Apple releases iOS 12 developer beta 4, and it introduces lots of new… bugs

July 18, 2018

Via: Phone Arena

Beta 4 of iOS 12 has been released overnight, introducing a slew of incremental new features and squashing tons of bugfixes. But does it? Screen Time is cited as being broken as of now and doesn’t sync information between devices. […]