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Report: A developer’s checklist for deploying the internet of things

January 30, 2017

Via: Gigaom

The “things” in the “internet of things” (IoT) encompass a wide range of devices: sensors and sensor arrays like the Nest and SmartThings, wearables like the Pebble smart watch and Google Glass, and embedded technologies like Tesla and Ford’s Smart […]

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Federal guidelines for autonomous vehicles due this summer

July 21, 2016

Via: Boy Genius

There are two key elements required for a driverless car to operate. One is a robust software and hardware package that can safely steer a car in any traffic conditions and deliver the passengers to the destination without any input […]

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Google Revamps Play Store Guidelines Portal; Addresses Ad-Blockers

March 2, 2016

Via: NDTV-Tech

Google has revamped its developer website to help Android users better understand the guidelines of its app store. The interactive website helps a developer quickly walk through various aspects of an app including security, ads, monetization, and copyright. While Google […]