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FTC Questions Personal Data Use of Six of US’s Largest ISPs like Verizon, AT&T, Google Fi, and MORE

October 21, 2021

Via: Tech Times

The Federal Trade and Communication (FTC) is now questioning the likes of Verizon, AT&T, Google Fi, and all six of the largest internet service providers of the US for harvesting personal data without reason. The companies are now called out […]

Networking, Tech

In five years, everyone will have a VPN

August 23, 2018

Via: Tech Radar

How will VPNs evolve in a world where “virtual private network” is a household word? How can they continue to uphold the basic principles of security, privacy, and an open internet? The big industry trends are clear: awareness, consolidation, and […]


What cord cutters? Comcast still has its head in the sand

July 23, 2015

Via: Brad Reed

Netflix-style content streaming is the future of television. The ability to binge-watch new shows the minute they come out is highly addictive, as Netflix fans have shown during marathon sessions of House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Daredevil, […]