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LG Velvet is a brand new mid-range phone you should already forget

May 7, 2020

Via: BGR

LG started an ample teasing campaign for a new phone that we expected to replace the LG G series. The Velvet, LG called it, stressing on its novel camera design, as if camera design is a problem that needs fixing […]

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Galaxy S10 preorders beat the Galaxy S9 in Korea, but first-day registrations are lower

March 5, 2019

Via: Boy Genius

A pair of somewhat conflicting reports on Tuesday say that Samsung’s Galaxy S10 sold better than its predecessor during preorders in Korea, but that it also got less interest than the Galaxy S9 when it comes to first-day registrations. How […]

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Samsung showed off its foldable phone behind closed doors at CES 2019

January 9, 2019

Via: Pocket Now

CES is the first major trade show of the year. Manufacturers of everything electronics from all over the world are showing off their current and future products. However, there is always show behind the scenes, behind closed doors, where usually […]

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5G smartphone adoption will be the world’s highest in Korea

December 11, 2018

Via: Pocket Now

5G will change the way we live, pretty much like every technology advancement. There’s no doubt about it, and, while equipment manufacturers and carriers are rushing to adopt and deploy next-generation services, phone manufacturers are competing to get their 5G […]

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LG announces V40 ThinQ with a total of five cameras

September 27, 2018

Via: The Verge

LG just made the V40 ThinQ official in Korea (via Phandroid). The announcement confirms a five-camera handset, with three cameras mounted on its rear and two on the front, just as we’ve seen previously in in the leaks. The announcement […]

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Galaxy Note 7 gets off to flying start in Korea, beating GS7 pre-order scores

August 10, 2016

Via: Pocket Now

They say it’s too similar to an arguably spectacular phone released just six months before. More of the same, some are calling it, with its greatest innovation still walking the fine line between practical, valuable enhancement and worthless gimmick. It’s […]


Omnidirectional Free Space Wireless Charging Developed, currently with charging of 30 smartphones at the same time

July 14, 2015

Via: itCurated

The simultaneous charging of multiple mobile devices at 0.5 meter away from the power source is now possible under the international electromagnetic field guidelines. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and laptops, have become indispensable portable items in modern life, but […]