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In 2018, voice assistants will make the leap out of your home

January 16, 2018


At one section of Google’s giant outdoor booth at CES was an impromptu, carney-style one-man show, with a guy wearing dark sunglasses and a white Google Assistant jumpsuit loudly and enthusiastically giving away free electronics one by one to a […]

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Apple considers teaching Siri to recognize your voice & only your voice

April 6, 2017

Via: 9to5Mac

Allowing Siri access from the lock screen is a potential security threat that has, in the past, allowed someone to access personal data like photos. Additionally, Siri will respond to any command given by anyone when your device is unlocked. […]

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Google Voice Search takes the next step towards understanding you better

November 17, 2015

Via: ZDNet

While Apple’s Siri is progressing slowly, Google is stepping on the gas pedal with its Search app and voice capabilities. The company on Monday explained that Google Search is smarter because it doesn’t just use Google’s Knowlege Graph but can […]