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Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Twitter will meet with the White House today to discuss coronavirus response

March 11, 2020

Via: Business Insider

The Silicon Valley giants will be attending a meeting at the White House today to discuss their response to the novel coronavirus outbreak, Politico reports. A representative for the Office of Science and Technology Policy told Politico that representatives from […]

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Tim Cook met with Trump to discuss China, investment, immigration & privacy

June 14, 2019

Via: 9to5Mac

Apple CEO Tim Cook met with Donald Trump yesterday to discuss trade, US investment, immigration and privacy. The meeting was initially revealed by the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, and confirmed by a White House spokesperson … Few details are available […]

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Inside the shadowy Skype seat selection process

March 2, 2017

Via: Mashable

While the early weeks of the Trump administration have been marked by a stormy relationship with the media, the White House press office has managed to institute at least one promising initiative. The office has started using “Skype seats” during […]


Possibly fearing UK competition, White House pushes new drone initiatives

August 5, 2016

Via: Mashable

The White House Office of Science and Technology held a conference on Tuesday to discuss the future of commercial drone use and announced several initiatives to encourage its growth. “We need to incorporate unmanned aircraft and their users into our […]