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Microsoft finally ends Windows 7 and 8.x support

January 12, 2023

Via: ComputerWorld

This week signals the end of the line for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 support. After years of extended security updates, no more bugs or security holes will be patched in the venerable operating systems. Windows 7 had a good […]

Operating System, Windows

Microsoft ends support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 next week

January 4, 2023

Via: BGR

If you are one of the millions of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 users still waiting around to upgrade your operating system, now is the time. On January 10, 2023, Microsoft will end support for both Windows 7 and Windows […]


Wanna boot your PC into Linux or Windows 8 from your Android device? DriveDroid makes that perfectly possible

May 12, 2015

Via: itCurated

Android enjoys such a thriving developer community, that the question of “what can an Android smartphone do?” is better voiced as “What can’t an Android smartphone do?” Control your computer from afar? Check! Play PSP games? Betcha! But can you […]


Windows RT dies with a whimper

February 4, 2015

Via: Pete Pachal

When Microsoft launched Windows 8 in the fall of 2012, its poster child was the Surface RT tablet. The thin, meticulously designed slate was supposed to showcase all that was good about the new touch-friendly version of Windows: dynamic live […]