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What 5G can do for you besides fast phone downloads

June 1, 2020


5G is all about lightning-fast speed, for your phone and beyond. This next-generation wireless technology promises to make downloads and uploads ultrafast, but it’s also poised to open up new or better ways of doing everything from growing food to […]

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Apple has a secret team working on satellites to beam data directly to your devices

December 20, 2019

Via: BGR

Apple has tasked a secret team within the company to create satellites that it can use to beam data such as internet connectivity to its devices, according to a report from Bloomberg on Friday morning. Sources familiar with the matter […]

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The ultimate guide to 5G: phones, plans, and coverage

July 10, 2019

Via: Phone Arena

5G—the next-gen wireless data technology that will allow you to download full-length movies in a matter of seconds—is finally here. Well, it’s here and there, but definitely not everywhere. As is the case with every emerging technology, the deployment of […]

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How 5G could widen the gap between haves and have-nots

March 26, 2018


When it comes to 5G, the possibilities are the stuff science fiction dreams are made of. We picture our lives inside our seamlessly connected smart homes, with autonomous cars to take us to work and the speediest, most reliable internet […]