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Can You Run A Business via a Smartphone?

December 13, 2016

Via: TOMs IT Pro

According to ComScore, mobile digital app use has grown by roughly 50 percent in the past two years, with more than 75 percent of that growth “directly attributable” to the mobile app. “Mobile has grown so fast that it’s now […]

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Business smartphone users, between rules and needs

December 1, 2016

Via: Kelly Redmond

Smartphones are now representative for the business environment. From entry-level employees to CEOs, everyone depends on their mobiles for contacts, appointments, fast data access and generally all that represents a busy daily schedule. Nevertheless, what is the general accepted etiquette […]

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Facebook Workplace officially launches on the web and iOS, set to compete head-on with Slack

October 11, 2016

Via: 9to5Mac

Facebook today officially announced the release of their Workplace business product. Originally titled Facebook at Work, the new product is set to compete head-on with other similar services like Slack and Hipchat. Riding off the familiarity that users already have […]

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Productivity – reduced or improved by tech?

June 23, 2016

Via: James Hughes

How does modern mobile technology affect productivity levels in the work environment? Here is a question many online materials have strove to answer, in both positive and negative ways. While some claim that mobile technology is bound to distract employees […]