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Report: How 5G speeds compare at the 25 busiest US airports and against the national average

June 23, 2022

Via: 9to5Mac

A new study from Opensignal looks at how 5G performance compares at the 25 busiest airports vs 5G/LTE overall speeds as well as putting the numbers up against the national average in the US. Despite Verizon and AT&T pushin5G g back their plans to launch 5G C-band coverage near airfields due to FAA concerns, airport 5G connectivity is offering an impressive experience.

While Opensignal found average 5G download speeds to be 2-3x faster at the 25 busiest US airports than the overall average, it also uncovered another interesting finding, users spent an average of 6.5x more time without any signal at these airports.

Opensignal’s results are based on data gathered from March to May this year from within two miles of the 25 busiest airports (per the FAA).

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