image credit: Pixabay

T-Mobile finally sets a firm shutdown date for its own 3G network

September 16, 2021


The day some of you might have been dreading for a while is coming relatively soon, although not quite as soon as previously reported. Instead of shutting down its legacy 3G network on October 1 of this year or April 1, 2022, T-Mobile now plans to pull the plug at the beginning of July next year, giving impacted customers just a little more time to prepare for the future “adjustment.”

Of course, given that we’re talking about a cellular technology commercially released around two decades ago, we don’t expect a lot of people to rely on the UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) standard for much these days. Especially not on T-Mobile, the wireless service provider that has offered by far the best 5G deals of the last few months.

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