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These 3 cities will be the first to get real 5G

February 21, 2018


According to everything we’ve heard, 2018 will be the year that 5G stops being a distantly-whispered myth and starts becoming reality. The standards for 5G have been agreed by the telecoms industry, chip manufacturers have announced when their modems will become available, and the networks are bickering about whose ad campaign is working the best. In short, everything’s going just as we expected.

But AT&T has been working to push its timeline just that little bit faster than everyone else, and as of today, we have our first concrete promise: Atlanta, Dallas and Waco, Texas, will be the first of 12 markets that should get AT&T’s mobile 5G by the end of the year. Although we’ve had promises about 5G trials coming soon, these are the first cities to be promised real, mobile 5G by the end of the year.

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