image credit: Faustino Overstreet / Flickr

Facetime users are being spammed by creepy group calls

March 16, 2021

Users of FaceTime, Apple’s ultra-popular video calling app, have been subjected to an unusual kind of attack for a while now. Countless people have been receiving unwanted prank calls by the hundreds, calls which exploit FaceTime’s group-calling system to initiate a self-perpetuating circle of spam—and the victims have no way to stop it.

The way that these spammers have been working is by making a group call to a large number of people, and hanging up quickly afterwards. This initiates an endless string of callbacks when those included in the call begin to realize they’ve missed a call, and redial the whole group, and then quickly hang up as well when they realize their mistake. One user reported 59 strangers being included in a single such call.

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