Shooting video on iPhone? Here’s the best gear for making pro-level content

July 17, 2024

Via: 9to5Mac
Category: Gadgets, Products

The iPhone is not only the most used camera in the world, it’s also a tremendous device for shooting video. You can use it to shoot a short film, music video, an Apple event—or, of course, YouTube videos. While an […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 is basically a Galaxy S24 that folds in half (hands-on)

July 10, 2024

Via: BGR

Samsung launched them at the same time during its Unpacked press event in Paris, but the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will probably be more appealing to buyers than the Galaxy Z Fold 6. That’s always the case with Flip phones. […]

Pixel 9 hands-on video just appeared 6 weeks too early

July 2, 2024

Via: BGR

For some reason, Google moved up this year’s Pixel launch event by about two months. Instead of mid-October, we’ll get the Pixel 9 phones in mid-August. I can think of several reasons the move makes sense. For starters, Android 15 […]