Uninstall these two Android apps right now

August 31, 2023

Via: BGR

If you downloaded either of these Android apps, delete them now. The two fake messaging apps were designed to look just like Telegram and Signal. However, Google has removed them from the Android Play Store, citing them as malicious apps […]

watchOS 10 beta 7 now available to developers as Apple polishes bugs

August 22, 2023

Via: BGR

As the testing cycle follows, Apple is releasing watchOS 10 beta 7 to Apple Watch registered developers. For the tenth huge watchOS update, Apple says that “virtually every app has been rethought,” and there’s even more coming. With beta 5, […]

China hacks the US military and government— the Feds blame Microsoft

August 17, 2023

Category: News and Press

Hidden in the basic infrastructure that runs the US military is a powerful piece of Windows-borne Chinese malware that can disrupt the communications systems, power grids, and water supplies at the military’s bases around the world. One US congressional aide […]

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12 thoughts for business after Apple’s iPhone 15 launch

September 13, 2023

Via: Computerworld

While the move to USB-C might mean bigger businesses will end up with a host of older Lightning accessories and cables to drop into the landfill over the next year or two (take that, EU), Apple will still sell 150 […]

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How the iPhone 15 Pro Action button works, and how it could be even better

September 12, 2023

Via: BGR

During its iPhone 15 launch event on Tuesday, Apple confirmed nearly every iPhone 15 and Apple Watch rumor that we saw before the show. The new iPhone series features Apple’s first titanium iPhones, both of which have a new button […]

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How to use iOS 17’s ‘Live Voicemail’ transcriptions, and which iPhones support it

September 11, 2023

Via: ZDnet

On Tuesday, Apple’s fall event will showcase iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9, new AirPods, and the release of iOS 17. The latter comes with a ton of features that will optimize your iPhone experience, including Live Voicemail. Apple first […]