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Sale of Honor could prove to be a bad idea

November 20, 2020

Via: Phone Arena

Huawei’s sub-brand Honor, which it has decided to sell, could become a competitor in the future, suggests a new report from DigiTimes. Huawei’s smartphone business unit is struggling to survive because of the restrictions imposed by the US. America has […]

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New report calls for groundbreaking technology debut on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

November 19, 2020

Via: Phone Arena

Samsung’s smartphone designers and engineers truly outdid themselves with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, which may not be perfect but somehow manages to look light years ahead of its predecessor despite being commercially released just 12 months or so […]

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T-Mobile continues its furious 5G network upgrading pace, inching closer to a big year-end goal

October 28, 2020

Via: Phone Arena

Shortly after finally being allowed to complete a merger in the works since April 2018, T-Mobile announced back in April 2020 it had already started to integrate Sprint’s mid-band spectrum into its widespread but sluggish 5G network initially based entirely […]

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AT&T and Verizon become unlikely allies in the 5G war against T-Mobile

September 21, 2020

Via: Phone Arena

There are very few things bitter rivals Verizon and AT&T have historically been able to agree on, but believe it or not, the two cellular giants are essentially banding together against quite possibly the greatest threat their wireless industry duopoly […]

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iPhone 11 Pro’s camera compared with this 7-year-old phone is a surprisingly close match

September 10, 2020


The iPhone 11 Pro has one of the best camera setups found on any of today’s top-end phones. It can take photos that can give DSLRs a run for their money and can keep on shooting well when the light […]


Best Business Gadgets to Pair with Your Phone

August 29, 2020

Via: Natalie Dunn

Our smartphones may be our best friends, but it’s still hard to imagine a single day on the job without other gadgets. Gadgets and wearables have become a key component of the digital era, with devices being used on business […]

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The sharpest and most reliable Google Pixel 5 renders are here to clear up all the confusion

August 21, 2020

Via: Phone Arena

While Google doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to keeping its in-house mobile devices under wraps prior to their official announcements, the Pixel 5 lineup remains largely shrouded in mystery. Of course, the main reason why we […]

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These AirPod alternatives are cheap and will actually stay in your ears

August 17, 2020

Via: Mashable

AirPods: You either love them, hate them, or really hate them. Seriously, they’ve been referred to by some as “almost perfect” and by others as “a tragedy.” But both sides do agree on one thing: they’re extremely easy to lose. […]

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Verizon stays well ahead of T-Mobile and AT&T in one key 5G metric

August 12, 2020

Via: Phone Arena

It’s no longer a big secret that Verizon comfortably leads the regional (and even global) 5G speed chart while trailing behind both T-Mobile and AT&T in terms of the actual availability of the next-gen cellular signal due to its objectively […]

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Verizon is going all out in its efforts to close the 5G coverage gap to T-Mobile

August 10, 2020

Via: Phone Arend

While Verizon is in no immediate danger of following AT&T’s suit to be overtaken by T-Mobile in terms of wireless subscribers, the nation’s number one carrier can certainly not afford to rest on its laurels as far as network infrastructure […]