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Samsung Galaxy A52 5G preview

February 18, 2021

Via: Phone Arena

The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G isn’t even official yet, but we can already take an early look at what it’s shaping up to be, thanks to a wealth of leaks in regards to it. The Galaxy A52 5G will be […]

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Samsung Gear Sport: Is It Worth Your Penny Today?

January 28, 2021

Via: CellularNews

Smartwatches are the perfect peripheral for those who are closely monitoring their health. It is also a must-have companion for sporty people. With the continuous demand for smartwatches, the Samsung Gear Sport is one of the prominent contenders in the […]

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New Samsung Internet 13.2 app brings Smart Protect, better dark mode, more

January 22, 2021

Via: Phone Arena

Launched in the beta channel about a month ago, Samsung Internet 13.2 is now available as a stable release. If you’re using a Samsung smartphone, you can download the new version of the browser via the Google Play Store. The […]

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5G rollout faster than expected; will reach a billion people this year

November 30, 2020

Via: 9to5Mac

Swedish networking giant Ericsson has reported that the 5G rollout is progressing faster than expected and that around a billion people worldwide will have coverage by the end of this year. The report says this makes 5G rollout faster than […]

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Sale of Honor could prove to be a bad idea

November 20, 2020

Via: Phone Arena

Huawei’s sub-brand Honor, which it has decided to sell, could become a competitor in the future, suggests a new report from DigiTimes. Huawei’s smartphone business unit is struggling to survive because of the restrictions imposed by the US. America has […]

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New report calls for groundbreaking technology debut on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

November 19, 2020

Via: Phone Arena

Samsung’s smartphone designers and engineers truly outdid themselves with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, which may not be perfect but somehow manages to look light years ahead of its predecessor despite being commercially released just 12 months or so […]

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T-Mobile continues its furious 5G network upgrading pace, inching closer to a big year-end goal

October 28, 2020

Via: Phone Arena

Shortly after finally being allowed to complete a merger in the works since April 2018, T-Mobile announced back in April 2020 it had already started to integrate Sprint’s mid-band spectrum into its widespread but sluggish 5G network initially based entirely […]

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AT&T and Verizon become unlikely allies in the 5G war against T-Mobile

September 21, 2020

Via: Phone Arena

There are very few things bitter rivals Verizon and AT&T have historically been able to agree on, but believe it or not, the two cellular giants are essentially banding together against quite possibly the greatest threat their wireless industry duopoly […]

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iPhone 11 Pro’s camera compared with this 7-year-old phone is a surprisingly close match

September 10, 2020


The iPhone 11 Pro has one of the best camera setups found on any of today’s top-end phones. It can take photos that can give DSLRs a run for their money and can keep on shooting well when the light […]


Best Business Gadgets to Pair with Your Phone

August 29, 2020

Via: Natalie Dunn

Our smartphones may be our best friends, but it’s still hard to imagine a single day on the job without other gadgets. Gadgets and wearables have become a key component of the digital era, with devices being used on business […]