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Spotify is down: iPhone owners around the world can’t use the service

July 10, 2020

Via: Tech Radar

iPhone and iPad users around the world are finding Spotify isn’t working right now. TechRadar can confirm that the iPhone and iPadOS app for Spotify is causing issues for many users around the world. We’ve found the app doesn’t load […]

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Best iPhone 7 cases: how to protect your older iPhone

July 8, 2020

Via: Tech Radar

You’ll want an iPhone 7 case to protect your trusty smartphone from the knocks, bumps and scratches that come with day-to-day use, so if you’ve got an iPhone 7 and need a new way to protect it, you’re in the […]

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11 years before iPhone, the first-ever flip phone changed the world

July 2, 2020


The folded-up flip phone sits in front of me like a child’s plastic plaything, a rainbow of terraced ridges that starts with a bump the color of earwax before cascading down to blue, green, that sickly yellow again and finally […]

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iOS 14: These 6 features will make you love your iPhone more. Here’s how you’ll use them

July 1, 2020


iPhone owners, listen up. Apple announced a slew of updates that will change how your phone works once iOS 14 comes to iPhones this fall (in the meantime developers can download iOS 14 now and the public beta will be […]

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One of the iPhone 12’s last remaining secrets just leaked

June 24, 2020

Via: BGR

If there’s one Android feature I’ve always envied, that’s support for significantly faster charging than what the iPhone has. It has nothing to do with Android, of course. Any smartphone maker could increase charging speeds on their devices, even Apple. […]

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iOS 14 launch: 11 rumored iPhone features coming with the new update

June 22, 2020


Apple’s annual developer’s conference, WWDC, is almost ready to begin, which means we may soon find out what new features Apple has in store for the iPhone with iOS 14. But in the meantime there are plenty of rumors to […]

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Microsoft isn’t happy with Apple’s App Store bullying either

June 19, 2020

Via: The Verge

Microsoft believes it’s time for antitrust regulators to fully investigate Apple’s App Store. Speaking during a Politico interview this week, Microsoft’s chief legal officer Brad Smith outlined Apple’s walled garden approach to its App Store, and how it’s affecting competition. […]

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Apple Stores close again, as iPhone looters get this tracking warning

June 2, 2020

Via: Phone Arena

Shortly after Apple Stores started exiting from the coronavirus-induced lockdown and reopened, they are now forced to close up shop again, and empty the showfloor as iPhones, Macs and iPads are a hot commodity among looters capitalizing on the ongoing […]

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Apple and Google’s coronavirus contact tracing app scores big win in Europe

April 27, 2020

Via: BGR

Apple and Google developed a new API for iPhone and Android that would allow app developers to create contact tracing apps for the novel coronavirus. The Apple-Google approach relies on Bluetooth connectivity between devices to determine the risk of exposure […]

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Apple admits there’s a new iPhone security flaw, but says it wasn’t exploited

April 24, 2020

Via: BGR

Reports earlier this week said cybersecurity company ZecOps discovered two zero-day security exploits that can affect the default Mail preloaded on iPhone and iPad. One of the flaws would allow remote code execution, while the other could infect the iOS […]