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5 Useful Tips to Turn Your Mobile Device into Your Business Partner

June 19, 2020


In just a decade or so, mobile devices have become an indispensable thing in our daily lives. Few gadgets managed to become as omnipresent, and that is something to admire. 

But this doesn’t come as a surprise; a mobile device is more like a digital mirror. We use it for communicating with our loved ones, we use it for entertainment, and we use it to find our way in new places. But that doesn’t even cover the coating of it all; most importantly, we use it for doing business on the go.

This immersion came with new opportunities, ones that we couldn’t quite grasp 20 years ago. We quickly reached a point where we could do long-distance business conferences, keep track of field staff, make sales quickly and efficiently, and why not lower operating costs.

This meant that businesses could now leverage the power of mobile smartphones to their advantage and adapt. After all, it’s eat or be eaten in business most of the time.

That being said, it’s no wonder that the smartphone is unlike any other product, and in fact, is one of the most rapidly adopted technologies in the history of mankind. The impact was so groundbreaking that we did not pay much attention to how it affects our lives, not to mention the environmental consequences.

According to the Pew Research Center, in the US alone, an estimated 96% of adults now own a cellphone of some kind. Globally, on the other hand, smartphone penetration has almost doubled in the past years with over 3.5 billion of the population owning one, and prospects of going for 4 billion in the next 2 years, according to Statista.

To that idea, here’s how you can turn your mobile device into a helpful business partner:

Social Media

Yes, it’s dreadful but it’s also one of the most important ones, as it can attract clients like no other. It’s also great if you want to stay up to date with the latest developments in your industry, and to better grasp your situation.

Even if you have an employee who is engaged in interacting with the media, it will not be excessive to follow the news of partners and competitors yourself. Subscribe to their social network pages, and turn your phone into a funnel of knowledge.


Out for lunch and you don’t have immediate access to your computer or laptop? You won’t have to stress about this particular aspect from now on. Simply set up a work e-mail on your smartphone, and you won’t miss any important messages whatsoever.

Customers value attention and responsiveness. The sooner they get an answer, the higher the chance of successful and long-term cooperation.

Banking applications

In 2020, every major bank offers a mobile application, and they’re intuitive as well. Simply install the application from your bank, log in, and you can perform most of your operations and check the status of your accounts quickly and smoothly.

Besides, you will receive notifications of new transactions instantly—for example, let’s imagine you are about to receive a deposit from a client and you also have to pay a supplier of some sort. The application will let you synchronize both payments so you can be as effective as possible.

Notes and reminders

Unlike a paper notebook, many applications can remind you of an event in advance so that you don’t miss anything. Also, synchronization between different platforms provides access to notes and reminders from any device—it’s like an ecosystem of information and reminders.


Choose whatever cloud storage application you fancy using on your computer, and install it on your phone. It will save you tons of time and money. Using a smartphone, you can easily send documents or presentations by email, create backups, and share files without having to turn the computer on.

There is a sea of articles that conclude smartphones have contributed vastly to the growth of businesses, even in sectors that you won’t necessarily associate with technology. Don’t overlook the potential of your phone and turn it into your work ally with these 5 easy-to-implement tips that will transform the way you operate.